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    FJC Divisions

    Private Sector

    For 25 years, FJC has been a leader in providing security solutions to the private sector, combining our skilled, highly trained security officers, certified fire officers, and superior technologies.

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    FJC Divisions

    Aviation Services

    As experts in Aviation Security, FJC Security Services Inc. has been providing solutions to address the heightened security challenges faced by the aviation industry.

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    FJC Divisions

    Federal Services

    Since 1988 FJC Security Services Inc. has served some of the nation’s most sensitive government infrastructures, forging long-term relationships with Government agencies.

FJC is the security service that prevents surprises because of its operational excellence.

For 25 years, FJC Security Services Inc. (FJC) has partnered with private and public sector clients to design and deploy security solutions focused on prevention and protection. Our philosophy is: Protect our client’s premises as if they were our own. Based on that philosophy, we have been protecting people and property at commercial and residential complexes, educational campuses, government buildings, healthcare facilities, construction sites, major airports and high-profile public landmarks. Our work ethic also explains why we have grown significantly, starting as one of the most trusted and reliable security companies in New York City. We have been expanding nationally, providing innovative security technology solutions in New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia. After all, providing real security (at a realistic price) involves more than posting great security guards -- although we do have the best in the business -- it’s also about providing a total security consulting solution. FJC is able to provide both a qualified security site assessment and the ideal mix of comprehensive security solutions, from CCTV installation, fire detection and response systems to electronic security access control and mobile security patrol services. At FJC, we understand that it takes an entire team of professionals in the security business to truly protect people and property.

Working with FJC

FJC’s Formula for Success: Call, Assess, Deliver

Selecting a security company can be a complex process. Based on our expertise, we have simplified the process to help you reach your security goals quickly and confidently with a 3-step formula.

First, call us. You’ll speak to one of our experts regarding your specific security concerns. We can then begin the process for customizing a security program for your facility.

Call us at: 1.888.832.6352

We Assess

Our security experts can visit your location to review your property and existing safety programs. We can then assess your business, technology and fire safety needs to customize a security program for your facility.

Call us at: 1.888.832.6352

We Deliver

After assessing your security and fire safety needs, we identify solutions with the best combination of security and technology to deliver a program that meets and exceeds your needs for protecting your people and premises.

Call us at: 1.888.832.6352 or Contact Us