FJC Internet Privacy Policies and Practices

FJC values the privacy of its employees and business partners.  This policy is intended as a guide to FJC practices regarding information disclosed, gathered and used in connection with FJC’s website.

In order to visit the FJC website, you are not required to provide any personal information about yourself.  However, there are occasions when you will have to disclose information to FJC, such as when you are seeking services from FJC or considering applying for a position with the Company.  This information may include specifics regarding your security needs, your address and work experiences. Such information will be shared within FJC and among its business partners as it deems necessary and appropriate to process your inquiries and requests.  However, the information will only be used for the intended purposes.  If you provide any information about other people or companies, we will assume you have received permission to do so.

Additionally, any information provided by you may be used by FJC for marketing purposes but only with your approval.

If you are seeking a position with FJC and provide us with us with your resume or information concerning your background and experience, that information may be distributed among FJC personnel and business partners involved in human resources matters.  This information may be retained by FJC in accordance with its internal practices and procedures.

If you are a current or prospective business partner or supplier of FJC, any information you provide may be used to evaluate and develop a relationship, or in connection with FJC’s business development, quality control, advertising or marketing programs as determined solely by FJC, including sharing your information with other FJC partners. In the event FJC shares your information to its business partners and suppliers, FJC will require those business partners and suppliers will be directed to handle such shared information consistently with FJC’s policies and practices.  Provided, however, that any information agreed upon in writing as confidential by FJC and you will be treated in accordance with our written agreement.  Any information you provide in a public forum or chatroom, will not be protected and may be disseminated at will.

FJC maintains practices and procedures to ensure that personal and business information not intended to be disclosed remains private or is disseminated only as intended.  However, in certain circumstances, personal information may be subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas warrants or orders.
Any opinion expressed by any person or entity are his, hers or its own and does not represent the views or opinions of FJC.  Only authorized officers of FJC may provide the views and opinions of the Company.

FJC may also collect and evaluate information and data through the use of a technology known as cookies.  FJC’s Web site may send a cookie to your computer which may assist FJC in serving you.  You may be able to disable your computer’s cookies, however, this could affect its ability to interact with certain Web sites.

Finally, the FJC Web site may contain links to other Web sites. FJC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

Please email any questions you have regarding FJC’s privacy statement to Jennifer Stone at FJC will conduct the appropriate due diligence and may ask you for personal information in order to verify your identity and position prior to taking any corrective action.

The foregoing policies and practices may be modified from time to time by FJC without prior notice.

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